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Pollo Regio was founded by Juan Bazaldua on Riverside Drive in Austin, Texas. He set up a food trailer that was outfitted with a charcoal grill, over which he cooked his special-recipe marinated chicken. The demand for his chicken was so great that it wasn’t unusual for him to out sell everything by noon each day and already had people placing orders for the next day. It quickly became obvious that Mr. Bazaldua needed more space. So he moved into a regular storefront and soon after, he opened three more locations in Austin. The largest expansion for Pollo Regio has definitely been in Dallas-Fort Worth. The area has multiple franchisees, including one who’s opened six locations in the past 2-1/2 years. Pollo Regio is mostly operating in the DFW area and currently has expansion plans for Austin, Houston, Waco and beyond.